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Sometime we get ideas in our head for what ever reason and find ourselves on a mission. In Hong Kong, our mission was to find a birdcage. Why? No reason. I just associate Hong Kong with birdcages. Makes sense right?

In any event, we headed down to the bird market in HK to see how things looked. The bird market/street is where all the old men and a few young men, bring their birds (in their cages) and hang them on the trees and then catch up about the week’s news. Seriously. It’s like the dog park, but for birds. And the only people there, are old men. It’s so funny. And kind of sweet.

So we strolled thru the park and looked around. One side is the trees and the other is the bird market, and lots of live cricket treats for the birds.

We walked the lane twice and I saw a few cages that looked good, but only one that I really liked. We stopped by and entered into negotiations. The Aunties, are tough old birds (no pun intended). But, we had an extra edge, we had Denys. With the help from him and his Cantonese, we haggled the old gal down some, and a deal was struck!

Alas, the cloud to this happy tale, is that the bird market is best viewed in the morning, so we went quite early. Then we had tours for the rest of the day. So… I am with a rather large birdcage, and still sights to see for the day. Such was my burden to bear for the day. I got quite a few sideways glances from local wondering if I had a live bird in the cage and why I was wandering around town with this thing in tow.

Packing the cage was not as hard as envisioned, we wrapped it up, and it fit perfectly into the overhead compartment. No shipping home for us!

So, now we have a Birdcage from Hong Kong. Before you bother asking, no, there will not be a bird to go with it. Yes, I did just buy the cage because I think it’s neat.

* Some of the photos came from Denys, I was too busy looking around to remember to take photos. Thanks Denys!


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  1. Jenna thinks this is awesome 🙂


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