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It started with a Key

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The Indian Key

When we were in India, at the same store we got the sofa I also picked up a large metal key (about 8-10” long). I’m not sure why, but I liked it. It was rusted over, and there were several of them, but it looked interesting, and the size of it made me wonder about the lock it must have gone to. Paul just rolled his eyes and went along with the purchase, such is life at times I guess.

The key has sat on the window sill, not doing much (as a key might be expected to do) but then a curious thing happened.When we were in Chiang Mai, we came across a store (several actually) selling old bells. They were in the same type of metal, rusted over, and quite interesting looking. When we talked to the store clerk he informed us some of the bells were from temples, others were from Elephants, and others still for water buffalo.

It even came with a nice stand.

How cool is that? All this time we spent put collars on dogs and cats, the rest of Asia was putting bells on the elephants! Well, needless to say that seemed quite interesting, so we got ourselves an elephant bell. So now we have a key from India, and a bell from Thailand. Are you seeing where this is going?

Paul was tasked in my absence to pick up “something metal, interesting, and old” on his recent trip to Bangkok with Denys. He had to shop for it in my absence. What did he find? An old bronze Thai tattoo needle! How cool is that? Well done I say. Well done, well done indeed.

Top the Tattoo neddle

the Thai Tattoo Needle

So now we have a nice collection of memories for display. There are about two more I think I want (a temple bell, and an Indian Elephant bell which looks like a lotus and is a different shape from the Burmese one). I don’t think I’m looking to make a wall to wall display of the stuff, plus Paul would not let that happen anyway.

But it all started with a key.


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  1. And you paid how much for this stuff? Just kidding – it is all very cool looking and hopefully really old because you paid how much…?

  2. Gorgeous things! And as usual, after reading one of your posts, I am happy for you, a wee bit jealous, and living vicariously through you.


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