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Travel and Work. Work and Travel.

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It’s been a busy few weeks around here. We had ambitious plans to go to Hong Kong for the weekend, meet up with our friend Denys from the USA, then bring him back to Singapore for a few days, then go to Bangkok the following weekend with him before finally returning to Singpaore while he continured back to America.

That was the plan at least.

Alas, work came up, and I had a major deadline that required my attetention. It also required me to go to Mumbai India, which in turn required an Indian Visa. Since I need my passport to go to HK, I had to go, come back and drop in my application which takes minimum 5 days to process, so even if I did not have to work, I would not have had my passport to leave the country. Still with me?

But, not all was lost. All of us went to Hong Kong. How much fun is that town? It’s like NYC. Old building, next to new skyscrapers, lots of bars/pubs, international food, international people, dirty, but not filfthy streets, and a vibe that you can feel when you walk around.

And walk we did. Up the hills, down the hills, thru the streets, and back again. Denys grew up in HK, but left many years ago. He still visits every few years, so he knows the place, but it’s still new enough that like us he was exploring a bit. Best part, he speaks Cantononese and while eveyone had pretty good English skills, you always get just a bit extra niceness if somone in the group speaks the local language.

Case in point, Denys took is to a dumpling cafe where there was not a lick of English to be found. The menu was all in Chinese and there were not pictures. Luckily it’s a place he went as a child, and was able to order up three dishes for us, and we dived right in. Delish!

Aside from that we saw the light show of the city skyline, took the tram up to the Peak and walked back down, climbed a LOT of steps to the Temple of 10,000 Buddahs, ate some GREAT food, and visited the Bird garden where I purchased a very nice birdcage (more on that later).

So it was a short trip, but lots of fun and I look forward to exploring more of HK. It’s really like NYC and seemed to have such a fun vibe to it.

After we returned to S’Pore, I had to get back to work which involved a lot of late nights and nose to the grindstone type of effort. Paul and Denys went on to Bangkok without me and toured around having a good time.

I left the following week to Mumbai for two days for work and then promptly came home and collaspes into bed to catch up on some much needed sleep.


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