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Awkward…..or, Iron what!?

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The following email is NOT suitable for small children, my parents, your parents, and those with delicate senese….be warned, harsh language follows.

So I got an email from a local magazine that covers events and happenings around town.

Turns out there was a screening for a Thai movie that is a spoof of the 70’s Thai Musical and Melodramas. Sounded like fun.  It was listed as being on Sunday the 25th at 7:30 at the Singapore Art Museum. It looked like a fun romp, and since I knew little of the genre, sounded like a good time. Oh, the name of the film, The Adventures of Iron Pussy.

I kid you not.

No, it’s not x-rated.

So, on Sunday I looked around to confirm the time and see if I needed to book tickets in advance. Strange thing I could not find it on the SAM website.  I Googled some more, and did find it on the SAM site, but it said FRIDAY the 25th at 7:30. What the?! Very confused, since Sunday was the 25th. So, I called SAM. Automated system could not help, so I pressed my way to the operator where a nice Asian woman answered. You know the type who work at museums right? Typically older, nice ladies who are helping out.

I asked if there was a movie tonight and she said yes, but the movie she listed was not the one I wanted to see. No we are at the awkward junction in which I must say the name of the movie I wish to see. To the nice Asian lady with good, but not great English.

Me: What about The Adventures of Iron Pussy?
Her: We show the movie at 4:30 today.
Me: Yes, but I’m looking for a different movie, are you showing one at 7:30?
Her: What movie are you looking for?
Me: Oh, I’m sorry, but it’s a very naughty name.
Her: What movie?
Me: (Speaking loudly, because that helps communicated things right?) I’m looking for THE ADVENTURES OF IRON PUSSY!

Paul is enjoying the show in the background, I’m turning beet read because I have now said the word Pussy too many times to what I imagine is a nice Auntie on the other end of the line.

Her: Oh, one moment. (pause, discussion in background) That was last year.
Me: (much quieter) Thank you.

It seems the email I received was a little out of date. HRUMPH!!!


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  1. Thanks for the laugh Ryan!!


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