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4:30 AM. Yes, AM. That’s what time we woke up to get to the temples in order to join several hundred of our closest (and surprisingly Chinese) friends to capture sunrise at Angkor Wat.

4:30 AM.

Was it worth it? Yes, and no. It’s one of those, must do but with  a post- “Why did I do it?” type of moments.

I think unless you are a professional photographer, you may not get much out of it. I would say, take advantage of the fact that most people are at Angkor Wat, to get a jump on the other temples without as much crowding, but I get to say that because I have already done the sunrise thing. 🙂

Here are our pics, funny story, Paul’s iPhone took a few pics better than my fancy DSLR. I really need to learn to use that thing.


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  1. I did that when I was in Cambodia about 5 years ago. 🙂 I think that my favorite part of visiting the temples was climbing up the steep staircases in the middle of Angkor Wat.


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