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Cambodia- Mooni

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The last time we went to Cambodia it was about 2 years ago. When we went then, I remember thinking, this is a once in a lifetime trip. It was amazing and great and I had no idea I would ever be able to get back to that part of the world again.

Mooni explaining some of the many wall carvings to us

We met a guide there named Mooni (well, that’s his English name to make it easy for us) who for whatever reason we clicked with. He’s big into giving back to the community, and he is working on his MBA. We’ve kept in touch over the years, and he’s even on my Facebook list. So, naturally when we headed back we looked him up to see if he could be our guide again.

It was good to see Mooni again, and to see how well he seemed to be doing. His English has improved a great deal and he still had the same charm and stories when explaining the temples. It was nice to have someone so personable with us for two days while we explored the temples and to have him with us to introduce our friends to the temples for the first time.

Mooni modelling his new camel back pack

One funny thing is that last time we were there, Paul had a Camel Back. This is a backpack with a plastic container (bag) you fill with water so you can have water which is REALLY handy when walking around all day in hot sweaty weather. It also means you don’t have to carry a bottle the whole time leaving hands free for cameras and holding onto handrails when climbing all over the place. Mooni thought it was a pretty cool thing, and we were surprised they did not have them in Cambodia yet. We told Mooni we would send him one when we got back to DC the first time. We did, but alas, it never arrived…. Luckily this time we could hand deliver! We stopped at an outdoors store here in Singapore and found a nice red one and were very happy to deliver to Mooni when we saw this time around.

Should you find yourself in that neck of the woods and in need of a tour guide I am happy to recommend Mooni. You can reach him at Mooni is also working on a Charity group that will take part of the proceeds he generates from his tour group and use them to help others in the community, so of course we wish him the best of luck.


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  1. What a nice gift for Mooni. You guys are so thoughtful!!


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