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Ryan, Ryan, and Jim came to see us which was a real treat since they are hoot and a half to hang out with. We were stop #1 on a 3 leg trip. They stayed here for a few days while we played tour guide, then all of us went off to Cambodia, then we came back and they went on to Bangkok before heading home. Whew!

Of course as they say about Singapore, the only thing to do here is eat and shop. So when we have friends in town we love to take them to all the places we like to eat and introduce to the yummy dishes we have discovered thus far.

You’ve seen them all before, but the big 3 are Chili Crab, Chicken Rice, and Fish Head Curry. When the boys arrived, we hit all three that weekend.

Jim D. was perhaps the most skittish of the group. Images of Fish Head Curry swirling in his mind, did not help make the dish sound more appealing. The fact that it’s a whole head, with teeth, does not help either. BUT, as we learned most of this week the response was often, No, No, No, Yummo!. After a little protest, some peer pressure from the group going first and making yummy noises, Jim would dip a small spoon into whatever dish was on the table and try it. 9 times out of 10, he learned the dish was in fact quite tasty, and respond “Oh! That’s yummo!”

Aside from tackling Fish Head Curry (admittedly the hardest to grasp from a Western standpoint) it was pretty smooth sailing from there. Chili Crab at Lau Pa Sat, Chicken Rice from Maxwell Road, we hit them all. Along the way we ate anything else we came across, some of the boys even tried Durian!

My favourite was breakfast one day. We said we would go to the Tekka Market and get egg sets or prathas and keep it simple. Jim insisted that would not happen and that he needed Eggs and Bacon. Luckily they were staying close to us, so I suggested they come to our house where Paul would make eggs and bacon, and I would run around the corner to our Vegetarian Indian place and get Thosas (Dosas) and Masala Tea for the rest of us.

I picked up Plain, Onion, and Onion Masla Thosas for us to have and brought them back. Soon our table was covered with plates, dips, eggs, tea, coffee, and lots of water glasses (the boys were getting the full force of Singaporean heat).

Jim soon tried a few and quickly dived in to enjoy all the Thosas and exclaiming Yummo! as he sampled them. That became the rallying cry for much of our adventures for the next few days as we exploded Cambodia as well.


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  1. Lol – you captured Jim perfectly – No, no, no, I couldn’t possibly – oh YUMMO!


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