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Our friend Melissa headed our way a few weekends ago. As luck would have it, she was doing a world tour for work (not quite as much fun as it sounds) and one of the stops was little S’Pore. We spent the day doing the rounds, Orchard Rd, Merlion, Chinatown, foot spa, Indian food, and parts in between. It was great to see her, she and I went to LSU together and I never in a million years would have guessed we would be seeing each other again in Singapore of all places!

Melissa’s visit proved to be a good test run for the company we had coming our way the following weekend. Ryan S., Ryan W., and Jim D. Yes, three Ryan’s at one time.

This is in addition to a visit from our friend Greg last Thanksgiving, and an upcoming visit from Denys in May, and possibly Amy in late summer. Our friend Greg was kind enough to even create a Foursquare Check In for us, LOL. Jim is currently the Mayor, are you going to let that stand?

We’ve learned that when you plan to visit us (I’m looking at you family members….), spend about 3 days (max) here in S’pore, then book it on over to some other South East Asian location (and take us with you) to get the most out of your trip. S’pore is great, but it does not take long to explore 🙂


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  1. What fun! So wish we (er, I) could visit!


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