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Well, there are many ways, but this one proved to be easy.

Did I mention it’s hot here? As such, when you get to a street  corner it’s not uncommon to see people standing 10 feet or so from the street corner so they can stay in the shade of a building. Also, we (locals?) seek out shade from trees or street lights if nothing else is close.

I realized I had gone native in this respect when I found myself seeking refuge from the only shade on a street corner the other day, a very skinny shadow cast by a  street light next to me. Still, it was better than nothing. I felt further assured I was on the right path when I came across a corner and saw two people standing in the blaring heat at noon, while the rest of the pedestrians were huddled in the shade on the other side.

Fun fact though, despite he blinding light and sun, you see very few sunglasses here….not sure why.


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  1. Thanks for the insider info – I’ll need all the help I can get to keep from looking like a dumb tourist when I visit. Linda and i were kicking around the idea of visiting next winter! We’ll see…


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