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Bhaji and Thosa

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There is a vegetarian Indian place around the corner from our house. It’s more or less fast food, which is great when we want something quick. The speciality is Thosa’s (also called Dosa’s) These are rice flour crepes that are ladled out onto a flat grill, and then spread very thin with a spatula. After that, just like crepes, you can add what ever floats your boat. I like the Onion Masala one. Mainly because I know what’s it in. The place has a big signboard with all the stuff you can order, but no explanations of what is what. So far we can tell that anything with Masala means it’s stuffed with this delish curried potatoes mixture which proves to be quite filling. The Onion part means that when it’s spread on the flat grill, they sprinkle a handful of thinly sliced onions onto it along with some chilis. The potatoes are then added and the whole thing is folded up and ready to serve.

Thosas always (as far as I can tell) come with (3) dipping sauces. Red, White, and Sambal. The red sauce is the best, the white is a coconut ginger mix, and the Sambal is a thin spicy soup with a few lentil and veggies. The Sambal will be served with a variety of dishes here. This is not to be confused with Sambal, the Indonesian spicy paste that adds heat to dishes.

The guilty pleasure is to get some Bhaji. YUM. These are battered onion or chili (there are many different kinds) that are rolled into rough balls and fried. The batter is a red lentil flour and they chili ones are delish! Did I mention they are fried? Such is life.


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