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Bali Statue (thanks Aunt Mac!)

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He guards our door, and our shoes 🙂

Our trip to Bali in Christmas resulted in the purchase of a garden statue. No, we don’t have a garden.

Our hotel had nice grounds, and one thing they had was an interesting looking garden statue. He’s was about 18″ high and 10″X10″ or so. We thought, yeah, that would be cool to have.

So off we went in search of a statue. We hired a car to take us to the stone carving part of Bali. We found the first place recommended by our hotel and stopped to take a look. After some walk thrus, we did not quite see what we wanted so we moved onto the next one. In this part of town, all the stone stores were side by side on the street so we told he driver we would cross the street and see what was going on. We walked and looked thru but did not see much so moved to the next one and the next one after that. By this time we had walked MAYBE half a block and I looked back to see our driver following us in the van! We thought he must think we were nuts because we paid him to drive and here we were walking….but oh well.

Finally we found our statue, and decided it was time to strike a deal. In the car ride over Paul and I discussed our budget. We felt about $300 should really be the upper limit since we knew that shipping would be expensive. That’s about 2.4 Million Rupees in Bali money. Yes. Million. OK. We find our statue, let’s talk price. Our vendor’s opening salvo, 240 Thousand Rupees. Yes, thousand. That’s about $35 SGD……We were so surprised we just agreed to it. The shop keepers face revealed that he realized he had not asked enough, but the deal was done. This was again a case of me just not being able to haggle of something so minor. He most probably thought he was fleecing us, we thought it was a great bargain. Christmas money from my Aunt Mac, covered the cost of the statue.

Shipping cost for the statue however revealed themselves to be a nightmare!!!! I can not stress enough how important it is to buy only what you can check as baggage. The cost of getting this statue out of port was absurd, embarrassing, and will be a sore subject for many years to come.

But, our little statute is here now and he makes us happy so considering how much I loved Bali I’m glad we got it.

Our little statue sits outside our main door, bidding us farewell in the morning and greeting us when we come home each day, perhaps someday he will end up in a nice garden.


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  1. Terrific statue! He does look like he needs a garden – I’m sure he’ll be happy to wait until you can make a garden for him.

  2. Wasn’t there a similar shipping tale from your trip to India or somewhere? Just seems you may have already learned this lesson…?

  3. Hmm, sounds like what happened when you shipped the sofa from India!!!! I guess I’m going to have to seriously consider shipping anything that large back on this trip!


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