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We are not sure if it’s the number of Tourists here, or just an Asian culture thing, but in general people love to pose for pictures here.

Anything unusual will see people stopping to pose to have their pic taken. Sometimes it’s just standing there, sometimes it’s striking a pose, but regardless we see lots of people do it. Photo opps at scenic views generate model style photographs, with long looks, chins up, and thrust out chests.

I imagine it becomes a marketing dream come true, because you can put up anything for photo moments, slap on a logo and you will suddenly find your self all over Facebook!

Christmas proved to generate many opportunities, but we see things every week where people stop to take pictures. People dressed up in costumes, will generate lots of photos. And it’s not just for kids, but young adults as well. Asian girls in particular love to throw up the peace sign when taking their photos. Everyone does it.

Below are a few pics we took as we were out and about.


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