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My new go-to meal

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Chicken Rice is one of the national dishes here in Singapore. It’s a very simple dish to be honest, and when I first had it, I did not get it. Recently I’ve come around and now find myself having it about 3 times per week. It’s a good lunch meal, and makes for something simple and quick on the weekends for lunch.

The orginial version is a boiled chicken, with some simple seasonings, that is then dunked into an ice bucket so that the fat forms a layer of goodness just below the skin. Then rice is boiled in the stock, so it takes in some of that flavor.

I like the Roast Chicken version much better. It’s a little smokier and the skin has a crispy taste to it that is very nice.

To serve, a helping bowl of rice is put on a plate, then some thin strips of chicken are cut and placed on top. Watching these guys grab a chicken piece and shave it down with a big Chinese butcher knife is something to see.

It’s the garnish that makes the meal in this case. There’s a great spicy pepper sauce and a thick syrupy sweet/tangy soya sauce mix. Mixed in different levels depending on taste and you have a tasty treat.

The portions tend to be a little light (lots of rice and a little bit of chicken), but at most places you can ask for extra chicken (for a nonimal cost) and they will give you more.  At a typical cost of $5SGD for a plate, it’s a hard deal to beat.


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