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Did you know I HEART pork? It’s true. I have a terrible time resisting pulled BBQ pork sandwiches in particular. I love BBQ pork ribs as well. Yum, Yum, Yum. Oddly, the one thing don’t crave is just a pork chop? wierd huh?

BUT, what I do love is Asian pork. Lest you wonder too much, that’s just Pork made Asian style. The Vietnamese do wonderful things with it. This whole region combines lime, fish sauce, sugar, spices, and a few other things in different ways to make amazing BBQ pork meals.

Here in Singapore we have a Chinese pork treat that is sold as a snack on the streets that is super yummy. There are several kinds, the store you see around town the most is from Bee Cheng Hiang. The pork does does not look that great upon first viewing. It’s been chopped up, seasoned, and then mashed into a thin rectangle about 1/8 inch thick. It’s then grilled and cut into squares and sold by the Kg. But man-oh-man, is it good!! Smokey, sweet, spicy, and fattening. Perfection.

They have¬†several kinds, the traditional, and also a chili kind, plus some with premium bacon, another still made of chicken, and then there’s also a beef one. I have yet to try them all. We don’t indulge very often, so I have trouble not getting the one I know and love.

When you visit, make sure you try some. Don’t let the displays of these weird looking squares of meat fool you. Just trust that it’s pork, it’s grilled, it’s Asian, it’s good.


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  1. I heartily second that! LOVE the spicy pork you got for us! Have even searched online to see if it’s distributed here but alas. No.

  2. But I’m sure my mom’s is still your favorite, right…?


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