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I wanna hold your hand

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We live near Little India and on weekends many of the laborers from South East Asia (Southern India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka)  come out to enjoy their one day off for the week. The culture is a little different from what we are used to, but not in a bad way.

On Sundays it’s almost ALL guys who come out to Little India to socialize and catch up. They pull up any spot of grass to sit down and catch up with friends. They will stand around and chat and laugh on any street corner. It’s a big thing and on Sunday, Little India is a busy place!

One of the things that’s different though, is the way friendship is shown among these guys. They are not afraid to be touch-feely. More specifically, the hold hands. Yeah, when walking around they will hold hands. Sometimes one guy will hold another’s wrist, but it’s not given any thought. It’s kinda sweet. These guys are just showing their affection to one another. As friends.

But visually it’s so confusing from what we grew up with. Plus, it’s kinda more than just holding hands, there’s a level of comfort that’s apparent is the physical contact, a closeness, not a fleeting grasp, but a real connection that is evident, they are Friends, they mean something to one another, and they are showing that Friendship to the world. It’s very refreshing in its non-sexual manner and simplicity.

Coming from the States it’s an amusing contrast to the straight-guy-can’t-touch-another-dude-or-its-gay over compensation of masculine ideas that the we normally see.


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  1. So true. I have seen similar things in parts of Europe too. They don’t have such hang-ups as us Americans do..


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