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Lion Dance!

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I got to see a lion dance! Paul got one in his office (they actually danced thru the office!), but I still had not see one 😦 I kept hearing the drums, and often as they transport the troupe around town in open air trucks they will play,  but I did not get to see one in person. Luckily, our condo building sposonored one! How nice of them.

So at 9AM on Saturday morning, our lion dancers arrived. The stage was set with a hanging piece of cabage, and oranges arranged on the ground. The lion dancers are two guys one for the head, one for the tail. The head guy will jump up and be held on top of the tail to make the lion ‘stand up’  Two oranges (Chinese do most things in Doubles) were placed in four corners to make a square, in the center was a tray with more oranges and a red packet (with money) for the dancers.

The lion dances about and then ‘discovers’  the oranges on the ground. He paws at them a bit, flaps his eyebrows, rears up on his hind legs (the guy infront is lifted onto the bottom guy) and does what could be considered a happy dance at his discovery. He then hunkers down on top of the oranges to ‘eat’ them. When he gets up, he leaves the peeled oranges in different arrangements, sometimes numbers, sometimes shapes to bring prosperitity to everyone.

For the center one, he hunkers down and then throws all the treats and some oranges out to the crowd. To catch what the lion throws is very good luck, and you have to eat what you catch that day.

It was fun to see, and quite a few people came out to see it.

Here are some pics of the fun.


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