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The Indian Sofa is here!

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Greetings. Happy New Year AND Happy Chinese New Year.

Things have been quite here, the new job is started, life is getting back to normal from Christmas, and a nice routine is humming along in the household.

One big bit of adventure is the arrival (FINALLY!) of our sofa from India. It’s an old (or new to look old) chest made of wood, in a very nice peacock-blue color. We learned some important life lessons this time around. The cost of the sofa in India was quite nice, and the shipping cost was not too bad. The trouble began when it arrived here. It seems the shipping cost we paid in India was just to load it on a boat and get it here. Once it’s here, it’s our problem. We did know this in advance and considering how smoothly things run here in S’pore we assumed for a few more hundred SGD’s we could have it delivered to our house. Sigh. Silly Hapless Americans.

Bill of lading, signed releases, forklift fees, courier documents, electronic transfers, several phone calls, and more that just a couple hundred SGD’s later, we have our sofa. Suffice to say that after this, we have settled on only buying things we can put on the plane with us. I’m sure the next time I am in India I’ll fail to remember that, but of the many adventures we have had this has left one of the one of the worst impressions with me.

That aside, the new sofa is a nice memory of a WONDERFUL trip and I am uber glad to have it home. Draped over the back you will see part of a quilt. Our final step is to find a seamstress here to make a seat cushion out of the quilt for us.


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  1. Looks very cool. Sorry it was such a pain getting it home!!

  2. I like it. Ryan we need you here to help us with decorating. I hope our transition to our new house runs smoothly. I will be thinking of you. We are off to look at beds. How exciting, of course they advertise FREE SHIPPING, ha we will see. Bernardine

  3. I love it – it’s beautiful. Definitely worth the effort and extra cost. And it’s a nice, functional piece with happy memories attached. Can’t beat that!

  4. I’m sure you’ll get a really good deal on the seat cushion which will make up for the other expenses 🙂


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