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How many monkey’s are in Monkey Forest you ask?

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The answer is, a lot.

We ventured in without a guide, so know little of the story of Monkey Forest. There are some temples there, but the big draw for most are the monkeys. A lot of Monkeys.

I’ll let the pictures the video speak for themselves…..

We arrived just as they were doing a feeding. The loud whooping! noise you hear is one of the many caretakers calling them. You will see them start to come out of the woods, and then hang on till the end when you see a great many number of them. Paul sums up the experience best at the end….


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  1. These are hillarious. At times I couldn.t tell if they were real or statues. You guys should read Ape House, it was very good. I had a good laugh, thanks. Love mom

  2. Sweet Jesus…that’ll give you nightmares.


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