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Gaya Fusion-Ubud

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Our stay in Bali was at the delightful Gaya Fusion Villas. Paul found them thru Tripadvisor.

A collection of 6 villas, with a central art space and restaurant, we had great luck with this location. Selected from the internet, there is always some hesitation about picking a place to stay from the ‘net.

The staff was great, the villas were nice, and the set up quite charming. We had the first two villas (we were traveling with a friend) so as you enter the main area there is a square open ‘living room’ with a great pitched thatch room. Arranged in various areas are seating groups, including these over-scaled round ‘bean bags’ (but filled with much nicer material) that were perfect for just flopping into after a long day of sightseeing. On each side was a villa, which we each took over. The other side was just open to the pool. This means you just walk out your villa door into the living room and pool area which was great. With WiFi you could relax and play Words with Friends on ones iPad pool side, if one wanted 😉

And of course, then there’s the staff. So nice. We met so many nice people. There was the young lady who helped with our cooking class, the front desk staff who helped with phone calls and arranging cars, not to mention helping with freight for our stone statue (more on that soon) all of them were great.

Our rate included breakfast as well, yummy Indonesian noodles with a fried egg on top, soon became  a reason to get out of bed each morning.

Also on sight, a gelato store. Sigh.


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