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Christmas in Bali

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I ♥ Bali.

I can think no more succinct way of saying it. Thailand is charming, India is full of exotic mystique, but Bali, wow. Just wow.

The best of so many worlds seem to come together in Bali, that’s it’s hard to belive that it’s part of Indonesia and the associated disturbing news that comes from Jakarta. But Bali is a world apart and sublime.

The Hindu/Buddhist and cultural outlook on life, of living in balance, of being gracious manifested itself in every person we came in contact with. Our hotel staff, taxi drivers, tour guides, each of them spoke in some manner about the importance of balance in one’s life and of the importance of focusing on being mindful of peace of mind, peace of speech, and peace of heart.  I felt there was a tangible  and genuine spirituality the came thru with most people that we spoke to that was incredibly refreshing to witness.

With surprisingly strong English, the people we spoke with were charming, witty, and very kind.  People on the street seemed to have a relaxed attitude about things on the island and it was contagious. The architecture around the city was also amazing. Ornate carvings, ferocious guardian statues, fangs barred in greeting, along with small ornate offering temples around every corner come together to create a buffet of sights to take in.

We stayed in Ubud, which is a sleepy town of art and culture on the island. They tend to keep the live music to before 1oPM, and clubbing is not a big draw here. There are other parts of the island that are known for the beach scene, or the club scene, but Ubud was all about art, sculpture, and fashion. For women, it seemed a gold mine of contemporary island wear. We found a few places of guys as well. A wide range of food options were available and we had a night of delicious BBQ Ribs at a Mexican place down the street from our hotel among the many tasty meals we took in.

Did I mention it was also inexpensive? Just add it to the list fo things that delight about Bali.

We spent our time lazing about the pool, taking in a cooking class, visiting the monkey forest temple, lazing about some more, eating gelato from the on site hotel store, hiking a rice patty, and talking to a wonderful group of people where ever we went.

We are already discussing when to go back. I want to tour some of the amazing temples and learn more about them, Paul want’s to go back to tour some coffee plantations. Along the way, I think we’ll take in some Yoga classes.




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