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Can you start a garden in December?

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Well, it’s been just over three months since we moved into our place and I’ve been staring at the empty balcony long enough. A few weeks ago we went to the ‘nursery district’ and splurged! Two tomato, a basil, mint, bougainvillea, two kinds of lime shrubs and a chiku plant later we were heading back to the Parc Emily. It seems strange to have fresh basil in the middle of winter but I’m not complaining… I love a little basil tossed with tomato and olive oil… what a great side dish to some spicy indian take away 🙂 As for the Limes.. well one is the small little lime that tastes sweet like an orange and the other is a Kaffir lime (so far no blooms or fruit but the leaves are integral to many a Thai dish). The Chiku was just for fun… I doubt we’ll get it to fruit but it’s neat to say we have one. The fruit looks like a kiwi from the outside but the inside is the color of brown sugar and tastes like it too (too sweet for me but Ryan likes them).


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  1. No I can’t and I’m so jealous 🙂 I won’t see fresh tomatoes or basil for months! Enjoy!

  2. Yippie….there will be limes for my next visit. I already looking forward to coming back!


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