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Roti Paratha

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I’ve been remiss on keeping up with my food posts, I’ll try to do better. In fact the app that I use for my iPhone photos (Hipstamatic) just came out with a new filter just for food. So, what better time to get back to it?

Paratha is an Indian bread that can be served with a meal, or by itself. Here’s it’s often sold as a snack and for breakfast. I had been craving some recently so this weekend found us stopping by the KK market by our house for some.

The bread is rolled out and worked over to form a handkerchief thin sheet. It’s then folded over to create layers so that’s when it’s cooked up on a flat griddle you get a fluffy bread. It can have additional like egg and onion if you like as well. It’s sold per piece, I had two and it cost me a whopping $2.4SGD. It’s served with a side of curry sauce, and that’s it, you are ready to go.

I also got some yummy Masala Tea ($1SGD) from the stall next door and just like that breakfast is served.De-lish!


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  1. Ryan, That bread looks yummy. We haven’t tried any new foods here yet, but I’m sure we will. Thanks again. You sound like your getting to be a great chef, at least for the month of Dec. Take care, Bernardine


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