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Let’s start with the good news first. I have a new job. I will continue to reside in Singapore, pay my bills, and put brown pellets into Mittenz’s bowl.

Now, you may ask “Ryan, didn’t you already have a job?” And you would be correct. Especially about the phrasing the question in the past tense.

Remember that show on VH1, Behind the Music, where you get the inside scoop on bands? They were selling out concerts across the nation, double platinum, top of world, but behind it all was a downward spiral of sex and drugs and bad choices? My story is like that, only not nearly as dramatic.

On the surface things at my first job in Singapore seemed great. I worked uber hard to get the interview, using connections from DC and charm to get the meeting, and it was the job I really wanted. In fact I had received another job offer from a different company, and accepted it, before the offer for this showed up and I had to call back company B and tell them I had changed my mind. Still with me?

Alas shortly upon arrival, the woman who hired me, left. Two months into my new job, and 6 months into it for her, she left because it was not working out. As Scooby Doo would say, Ruh-row.

Things have not been that great since then. Like dating, sometimes regardless of how attractive two people may seem on paper, the chemistry just does not spark. The same with my job, we never seemed to speak the same language to one another and it was painful for all parties involved.

In fairness, the company was not getting what the needed from me, and for me, I was not getting what I expected when interviewed. There are still lots of good people there, but ID group underwent a lot of rapid changes, and are still undergoing changes, and it was becoming clear I would not have a place in the sandbox anymore.

So, our hapless hero finds himself embarking on a new journey once again. Somewhere in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, my parents are rolling their eyes and shaking their heads wondering where they went wrong with me. It’s OK, I promise.

My absolute feeling on work is this: Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success, if you love what you are doing, you will be successful.*

I would like to give credit for shaping that idea to my former company in DC, it was thru working there that I got a better sense of my priorities in life. Work with good people, the rest will follow.

So, a new (new) journey here in Singapore begins. I start the first week of January, and in the meantime, there’s the pool, the gym, and having dinner waiting for Paul each day to attend to (home cooked meals, yay!), and a trip to Bali to attend to. As they say, when life gives you lemons….

* Side note, this quote is sometimes given credit to Herman Cain, former GOP candidate, but others say Albert Schweitzer, so who knows, regardless, it’s a great concept.


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  1. Good Luck Ryan!

  2. I totally understand – this is why I have no desire to go back to my former employer – just didn’t love it. On the other hand I really love my job with the St. Vincent de Paul and hope to be called back soon. I think you should attribute that quote to me – it was the gist of my high school graduation speech 🙂 Please don’t spoil my brother in the mean time. Just to clarify – do you have a job that starts in Jan or will you start looking for a job in Jan?


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