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How could I forget!?

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How could I forget to share the newest addition to our household?Shameful.

One of the stores we visited in Delhi was called Country Collection ( It’s a dream come true of old and reproductions of India furniture, crafts, and decorative items. Best of all ,they are all big items, not lots of little nic-nacks, these are statement pieces. It’s also in a really neat area called Hauz Kaus Village, which is full of boutique shops and clothing stores.

As you will recall most of our purchases are from Ikea here in Singapore, but there was room left for a few select pieces that will be ‘keepers’ for our eventual return to the Motherland. One of the items I wanted was a sort of funky Asian furniture piece. You see several of them around, old chests, tables, storage units, done in contemporary colors. I had already declared in a fit of non-logic, that I wanted one of these to be a peacock blue/ turquoise color (true story). So…in we walk and what should greet us, but this ‘old’ Indian bench, in peacock blue!

Our Newest Addition


Turns out, we were told, it’s an old wedding chest, that the owner modified to add a back and sides to form a bench. There’s even a flip up door on the base for storage. In theory it’s on a boat heading our way from India.

We stopped by a gift shop on our way out of town and bought a big multi colored Indian blanket that we are going to turn into the seat cushion here in Singapore. Now to find an upholsterer….


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  1. Beautiful!
    I have a thing about benches, too. Looked for what seems forever and finally we acquired an old bench in Sedona a while back-it was (not pretty) painted green. I stripped, sanded and repainted it in a red wash. And just in time for Thanksgiving guests. Enjoy your new addition. For a moment, before I read you acquired a piece of furniture, I thought maybe you got another cat!


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