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The Golden Temple

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One of our day trips was to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar. This is a holy site to the Sikh religion, and since we were there for Diwali the temple was quite busy with people coming to pay their respects.

The temple ground is holy, and leather is not allowed on the premises, including belts! We had to take our shoes off, then wash our hands (because they had touched leather) and as you walk in you pass thru a pool of water to cleanse your feet. The temple grounds are beautiful. The temple is mostly white marble and the walls from a very large inner courtyard. Inside the courtyard is a large lake, where some take a cleansing bath, and in the middle of the lake is the temple. It too is white marble with gold trim (hence the name) There was a very large line of people to see the inner sanctum but luckily with Ryan there to guide us, were able to que up and see the inside. It was a special place and I was glad we got to see it.

I was of course nervous about taking photos, but I soon saw everyone else was doing the same to mark their journey, do fear not, I was not the only one taking photos inside a holy building 🙂


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  1. Very interesting – I have thoroughly enjoyed all the posts about India – I feel like I’m taking a history class albeit far more interesting than any of my classes were in school 🙂 Thanks!


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