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I once heard that Crocodiles, after eating whatever they eat at the local watering hole, will pull up on the side of the river bank and bask in the sun. It seems our toothy friends have eyes larger than their stomachs and being cold blooded, the heat from the sun helps them digest….you may be wondering what this has to do with India, but let me tell you, after eating our way around the entire week, there were many I time I would like to take the advice of Uncle Crocodile and beach myself on a muddy bank and let the sun help me digest whichever of the many splendid meals I had just had…..

The food, the glorious food of India, where to begin? Never a bad meal was had. I recall when we went to Greece, by the end of the week, I was craving pasta, or Thai, or something, anything other than Greek meatballs. No so in India, sublime dishes, each and every one, best enjoyed as we learned with a Kingfisher beer.

Grilled lamb and chicken in tandoor ovens, roasted cauliflower, Saag (mustard greens cooked down) with cubes of Paneer, pratha, ghee, peppers, red onions salads, chutneys, the list goes on and on.

Our friend Ryan said that the staff at his dads house was concerned about what to make for us, would we eating what they cooked? Ryan was kind enough to assure them that it would be fine, and I like to think we proved him right. Our fate was sealed when awaking one day and being asked what was for breakfast, we asked if we could have leftovers from the night before! Our wish was happily granted and we chowed down. We asked Ryan what he was going to have and his responded was “I’m having an omelette like a normal person!” None the less, we were very happy with our choice and it was delish!

Also discovered on this trip is Masala Tea. A wonderful tea brewed then mixed with mix and cardamom, cinnamon, and milk, add sugar to taste and enjoy! A great way to start the day.

Here’s some pics of the highlights


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  1. Oh my – this food looks amazing. I might have to make some dal this weekend in your honor…

  2. That Naan looks like a giant stingray! Everything else looks delicious 🙂


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