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It’s started raining here in Singapore. Big Time. According to the internet Rainy Season does not start until November and December, but currently it rains for a little bit every day, so I think it’s safe to say something has begun.

Often in the morning, sometimes at night, occasionally at  lunch time. But it comes. The sky turns an ominous shade of grey, the wind picks up, and soon after the skies open to unleash a rather larger downpour. Almost daily.

While this might normally be greeted by groans of pains, at  the moment, I relish each rain drop. Granted that might change when I get caught in one of these deluges, but for now, they make me happy. The thing is, when it rains, the wind picks up, it gets….dare I suggest…cool.

Sublimely, cool. No humidity, no blistering sun, just a nice  breeze and a decent temperature. And for that brief respite, I am happy. It will rain for about 1 hour or so, then stops, the clouds move on and the sun  will return. The temps have kept a little better, there is still a nice breeze  coming over the island, so for now, rainy season, is a welcome season. I’ll let
you know how I feel in a few weeks.


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