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BBQ Time!!

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We did our first BBQ this weekend.

I invited several co-workers over for grilled chicken, burgers, and veggies. A few technical hick-ups with the grill (the opening are larger than we are used to, so our veggies kept falling in the coals!) and we ran out of charcoal, but we overcame thru the kindness of strangers and still managed to have a good time.

I have now introduced Singapore to Tiger Sauce, which is my favorite thing to add to burgers. We also brined the chicken which not many people know how to do, so in a way like to think I am less “guy working overseas” and more Foodie Ambassador/Cultural Attaché. Now if I could just translate that into an additional source of income…..

One co-worker brought Fish Balls along, to which I was very dubious. However, upon skewering them, and then grilling them, I was proved wrong. These were tasty, smoky, and I would try them again. A pleasant surprise!

Our grill is by the pool area, so it was a very nice setting to relax, hang out, have some grilled burgers, and catch up with new friends before starting up to work again the next day. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday night.

Video is courtesy of new co-worker Krystal and this cool app called 8mm for the iPhone, it turns video into retro look style film for fun effects.


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