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So one of my favorite places is called Gayatri. It has several locations, the main on is on Race Course Rd, but there is a smaller outlet by my office, next to the Amoy St. Hawker center.

At first I was not sold because I kept ordering everything with rice, and I feel like you get a big serving of rice, but then just a little of the main stuff.

I have since discovered that you can order just individual items (a la carte) and you get just the items you want without misc. filler, and they have two of the BEST yellow lentils and chick peas in town. To me at least. So now, I can stop by for lunch and get a serving of lentils, chickpeas, a garlic naan, and a diet coke, all for under $10 SGD. It’s a steal!

Yummy, Yummy, get in my Tummy!


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  1. Hey Paul & Ryan, I have just traveled a small part of India, and very informative. The food looked mighty good. Your BBQ looked like a blast. 🙂 You now have to work on Australia for Christmas vac. Happy Thanksgiving on the East coast of Sing. Mom


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