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To Market, To Market we go

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We live next to a big wet market called the KK market (Tekka Market). It also has a larg food court attached to it. In a word, Heaven. Indian, Chinese, Thai, Malay, fruits, nuts, spices, fish, chicken, lamb, beef, rice, lentils, and a few other things thrown in all in one place.

The fish area in particular is amazing. HUGE Prawns, brightly colored flower crabs, big knuckle crabs, larger fish, small fish, red fish, blue fish. You name it. But of course in true American style, when confronted with all this, I am confused. Where are the fillets? Why is this fish looking at me, and how do I get these scaly things clean. Putting on our best Hapless American Faces (HAFs) we asked a nice vendor about a  fish and she let us know we can purchase, and they will fillet, cut, dice, and scale any way you want. So problem solved. Fish purchased, thrown to some guy, he pulls out big Chinese style butcher knife, skins and fillets the fish, puts two halves and the spine part into a bag and gives to us. Alrighty then. Dinner is set.

Yesterday when we bought chicken for the grill, we stopped by the chicken guy. He had drum stick/thighs cut and whole breasts on display, just tell him how many you want. He even cut the breasts in ½ (again with the big butcher knife) to make split breasts for grilling, thru it all in a bag and that was that. So nice and easy. Speak, get, pay. Next.

The one funny thing for my germ a-phobes out there. Mr. Chicken is not wearing gloves. He grabs the chicken, he chops the chicken, he put the chicken in the bag, he takes your money, he gives you change back. All with the same hands. My change was returned with a little chicken slime on it. It is what it is. Purrel could make a killing here I think.


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