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A day at the zoo

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We did not get out for many adventures in Guangzhou, but we did make it to the zoo one day with just Paul and I. Turns out we were the only Gringos in the zoo that day. It was nice enough, the best part was that the weather was great, with a nice breeze so it was perfect to be outdoors and enjoy the weather, not something you get to do in Singapore per se.

Highlights included seeing the Panda, waving to the locals staring at us, and feeding the giraffes, up close and personal. That part was actually quiet neat.

There were also three little old ladies sitting on a bench near the monkey cage, just a starin’ at us. I gave a little wave and a Ni Hao (Hi) and the lit up with toothless grins and waves back. As we departed we got more grins and “Bye Bye” from them. Sweet old things.

I found that a lot while there. Lots of stares, but just a little smile and a hello in the native tongue seemed to make people happier about our being there.


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  1. I want to go to the zoo when I am there in November. Do you think I could get mistaken for some kind of escaped wild creature?


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