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Guangzhou-off to meet Lucy

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We went of Guangzhou this past weekend to meet some very dear friends, Lisa and Len. I went to LSU with Lisa and Len got his PhD from LSU as well. Turns out we all moved to DC and thus I gained an older sister of sorts to help a very young, naive, kid from Baton Rouge try and make his way in the big city of DC. Lisa helped me get my first Tattoo by distracting me as the needle worked its magic on my ankle, she was there to explain the joys of keeping receipts from major purchases, and in general her and Len were dear friends who were always there for a good laugh, dinner and a movie.

They have since move to Chicago, and of course we have now moved to S’pore, but thru Facebook and email we do our best to keep in touch.

Luckily, we were also invited to join them in Guangzhou to celebrate the adoption of their new daughter Lucy!! After much too much time and red tape, they went for two weeks to receive Lucy, bringing their other daughter Kate and Lisa’s Mom Nancy (same birthday as me, Holla!) We spent four days with them, mostly hanging out at the hotel with the girls (they are both about 20 months old, so it’s like suddenly having twins!) but it was still like old times catching up. Only with more screaming at times.

If ever there was a testament to my feelings for Lisa and Len, it would be coming out of the dining room at breakfast to see all these (mostly) American families with screaming toddler Asian babies filling the buffet area. You know that scene from The Birds, where they are leaving the house and the birds are EVERYWHERE, that’s what it was like, only the terror was in the form of these little people, squirming, drooling, throwing, punching, pinching, slurping, and wailing their way thru breakfast.

Len, Kate, and Lucy

Except for Lucy and Kate, of course. They were angles. ha! Poor Lucy, she’s old enough to understand Chinese I would think, but suddenly she’s thrust with the people who are making strange sounds and feeding her weird stuff, and nothing is the same, and itsallsomuchijustcan’ttakeitanymore!!!!! sigh. Luckily Lisa had St. Len the Kind and Sister Nancy the Wise to aid in these adventures. In case you’re wondering, Lisa is patron Saint of Impatience, my patron saint in fact. We are both very impatient at times.

We got to swoop in for just a few days with some new energy and the ability to thrust ourselves into a foreign land and obtain not 1, but 2 baby seats at restaurants and order by pointing to pictures that as fate would have it, resulted in very tasty meals. This may not seem like much, but when under a great deal of stress having someone make a few decisions for you can be quite a relief.

So thus, Uncle RyRy and Uncle Paul were able to stop by, be a part of a very special family moment, and return to our nice life where all we have to worry about is where to go for the next vacation.

It’s good to be an Uncle.

You can read about Lisa and Len’s adventures and get a more detailed review of our trip:


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  1. I love love love it! We miss you both already…are you sure the Uncle manual doesn’t say something about babysitting for the entire first year of a child’s entry into the family? I thought I saw that in Chapter 3…


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