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stoopid humanz, leftz me againz alone. ALL alonez….don’t they know i needz my people?

first, the move me to this new place. do they not see my FUR COAT!!! i meanz really. stoopidz. it’s hot. send icze cubez. pleaze……

then just as i am getting settled, they have moved me again. i just broke the other place in, now i have to startz all over. double stoopid.

then, THEN, herez i am, all alone, and they leaves! leaves me! unreals. some strange guy shows up, messing up my toilet, throwz brown pelletz (YUMMY brown pelletz!!!) in my dish and leavz. where are all the peoplez!

i saw them. the dreaded red bag on wheels. everytime Bald Guy pulls it out, I know what’s coming. he’s leaving. Only this time Glasses Guy pulled out his green bag on wheels too so I knowsz they is both leaving. meow!

no mice to chase, no birds to catch, just me and this big empty houze. i have half a mind to drop a steamer on thier bed. oh, but i like to sleepz in the that bed. ugh.

call he cat hotline. send help. wait, do they eatz cat here? on second thoughtz i;ll wait for Bald Guy and Glasses Guy to come back, they alwayz do.

and the minute they walkz thru that door, i’ll let them have it MEOW!!! MEOW!!! MEOW!!!!



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  1. Meridith Zimmerman

    “Bald Guy and Glasses Guy”. HILARIOUS! You guys (and Mittenz) are nutz!! :o)

  2. Loud Guy is coming for a visit and he will bring ice cubes!


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