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Hi Kids,

Sorry for the delay, life has gotten in the way, as it sometimes does.

When last we left our intrepid heroes, they were moving into a new place, loving the new pool, enamoured by the on site gym, and discovering the joys of an Ikea mattress that is way better than that rental they had.

Speak of Ikea, one week after move in, was Ikea day. We went the weekend before and got a new table, bookcase, and a bed frame. The table is round and expands. All the table cloths are rectangular. Paul seems fazed by this, I am rather amused and could care less. The bed frame has much-needed storage below it, but required an entire afternoon to assemble. It takes up the entire room, leaving space on the sides and front for us to walk, but nothing else can go in the room. It’s only a queen size bed. Either way they were all good purchases. These are the future leave behinds. Shortly I would like to find one or two Asian style cabinets that will be ‘keepers’ for the foreseeable future (ie. The move with us) to add to the collection.

The way we set up the apartment, we turned the main bedroom into the living room where the sofa and TV is and put our bedroom in the smaller 2nd bedroom. Why you might ask? Well the main living room is open to the kitchen and dining area, but also looks directly into the neighbors living and dining area. So, after a long HOT day in S’pore, if you want to strip down to your undies, sit on the couch and watch the Simpsons on Netflix, you get to share that with your neighboors…..hence the living room is moved to the bedroom. Plus, we imagine that someday we will have friends and we can use the front living room for entertaining. In theory. Step one, obtain space. Step two, make new friends….

In the meantime, there has just been work, more unpacking, and misc day-to-day adventures of living. Exciting huh?


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  1. Where’s the guest room? That’s all I care about! 🙂 See you soon! WOO HOOT! I’m a com’n to Singapore!


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