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Packing 101 (What not to pack?)

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So it’s our first time moving out of the county, how were we supposed to know what to bring and what to leave….

We THOUGHT we did a good job, and in our own way we did. The contrast of what we brought vs. what others left behind is apparent thru a new co-worker couple that just move here from CA. Recently married, they left everything in storage and came with just clothes in suitcase. They found our list amusing when compared to themselves.  Perhaps the luxury of having Paul’s job pay for at least a smaller container aided in our packing decisions, perhaps our material possessions posses us, who knows.

But for your enjoyment, I present to you the things we packed, in both list form and photos.

  1. A can of black beans
  2. Two type of Russian stacking dolls, one with Russian Leaders,
    with other with a little old woman
  3. Sliver, pear shaped salt and pepper shakers
  4. A bottle of ketchup
  5. Spices, the list is huge, but we have among others, dill weed,
    cumin, chili powder, black pepper corns, chili flakes, juniper berries, and
    cumin seeds
  6. white rice
  7. brown rice
  8. olive oil
  9. homo-erotic hot pads (thanks Lisa and Len!)
  10. two rubber duckies
  11. Caldrea brand, Pomelo & Ginger countertop cleaner
  12. 1 bag of Whole Foods stuffing mix
  13. Brown sugar
  14. 4 boxes of books and magazines (this is trimmed down from all
    the books we had)
  15. 4 boxes of winter sweaters, jackets, sports coats, and light
    weight fall wear. (again ,in all fairness, we donated quite a bit, and we think
    we’ll needs some of these when we visit colder places)
  16.  a Pumpkin Pie candle, with Turkey lid (a Thanksgiving and
    X-mas tradition)
  17.  A ceramic egg coddler.

Plus all our kitchen plates, dinner ware, wine glasses, Waterford
crystal, wood spoons, and pots.

So were we crazy? Unsure. It seems to work for us, I could not
picture throwing out some of the dry goods, and since it was paid for to ship
them here, no loss to us to put them in box. I think my Aunt would be proud
that we were not too wasteful.

None the less, as we unpacked after not seeing many of these
things for 6 months, it gave us more than a few chuckles…..


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  1. And Giant brand black beans no less!! 🙂 I am sure you are happy to be reunited with those!

  2. LOL – the choice of beans and ketchup – interesting – but there has to be something to be said about taking rice to Singapore!!!! 🙂

  3. This is very amusing. Seriously funny. Was the pumpkin pie candle with turkey on top from Mom? If so, I’m jealous. I didn’t get one of those……. 🙂

  4. What no butternut squash? I hope you can buy some there.


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