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I’ve been lax in my updates, but with good reason. Last weekend was the big move, and before that was packing for the big move. Both went off pretty well, regardless what you may hear from Paul about how he had to do all the unpacking while I was waiting for what seemed like for ever for the other movers to come and collect our rental furniture.

But I digress.

As any sane person would be, my first concern was “Will Mittenz be able to drink out of these new smaller sinks?” As you can see from the picture, the answer is yes, although he’s not quite worked out all details I have faith in his ability to work it out.

I don't care about your freaking blog, turn on the darn water!

In the meantime there has been a trip to Ikea to buy a bookshelf, a table, and a bed frame (with much-needed storage) and various efforts of unpacking along the way.

The grounds at the new place are sublime, like a resort, and it’s so nice to come home to them each day and go “Sigh…..”

We’ve also started taking full advantage of the free gym, 5 months on the island, eating lots of new food, with no gym is not good for the waistline. And the locals are all damn trim and fit, it’s giving us a complex. LOL.

More pics to come shortly of the new digs and such, along with the resumption of adventures. Coming up is a trip to China to see our dear friends Lisa and Len (and baby Kate) as they pick up their new daughter Lucy, after a much too long wait. Afer that is a trip to India with our friend Ryan, and in between who knows what.


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