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SAM- Night Voyage

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SAM- The Singapore Art Museum is currently holding a festival called Night Voyage. I had no idea what this was, but luckily a co-worker arranged an outing. It proved to be quite a good time. I’m only sorry it was after work because we were too tired to stay for the whole thing. The good thing is that it runs for a couple weekends, so we’ll be able to go back and see some more this weekend.

The event is set up around about a square block of space, some outdoors, some indoors. All the events involve lights, music, dance, or other performing arts. One exhibit was a lot of parked, shiny new Volvos (clever marketing) with all the windows frosted and lights on the inside. The car interiors would light up at different times around the lot to make a pattern. Another area had a courtyard filled with hanging sheets to form Jellyfish lit up in an eerie blue light.

For performances we saw a very cool drumming group (see video below) doing both traditional Asian style drumming and more contemporary style drumming. We also saw a bit of East European Gypsy tango, Georgian (Russian, not Jimmy Carter) folk singers, and a performance dance piece that was…..interesting to say the least. The group walked around the site before performing carrying these triangular sturcures lit with LED lights. We would see glimeseps of them walking around in a big line, and then they woudl get to thier destination before performing. The event continues onto next weekend, I think we will go on Saturday so we can take a disco nap ahead of time to enjoy the whole thing, it runs until around 1 or 2 AM.


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  1. Where’s the video?

  2. Oh, now it shows up! After I send the comment. Nice.


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