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One of the perks of my job is for sure the travel. I got to spend the week in Shanghai, along with two days in Nanjing which is about a two hour train ride away from Shanghai. During that time we took a tour of 11 hotels in the city in addition to walking around the area where our project was. There was not much time for sight seeing, but the hotel tours proved to be quite nice. I must say the Waldorf Astoria was the best that we saw while there.

For those back home looking to disband the EPA, please stop by Shanghai and see what happens when you don’t regulate industry, lots, and lots, of smog. Hazy skies and air that’s hard to breathe. I was warned about that, until you see it, it’s hard to believe.

Smoking is also alive and well in Shanghai, despite all the no smoking signs posted. I walked into the public restroom in one hotel to find a guy smoking in the corner and in another we got into the elevator at the 39th floor and there was a guy smoking in the elevator! He knew it was wrong, but did not care, he needed his fix I guess. We looked at him and he just said “in peace, in peace”

Shanghai prove to be quite hot. With the heat and smog it was not always fun to be outside. Like the other parts of Asia it was a strange mix of old and new. You see this in both the buildings and the people’s attitudes. While waiting in line for a train ticket, I saw people repeatedly walk up the front counter and cut in line to get their ticket, no one said anything. When it was my turn, about 3 people jumped in front of me before I could purchase my ticket. Spitting is still seen indoors and on the street. I can’t say I was charmed by Shanghai just yet, I think I liked Bangkok better, but I look forward to going there again and getting to see the city more.

Also, useful travel tip, if you pull up a map on your iPhone or iPad, you can take a snapshot of it by holding the round home button and pressing the power button at the top just once. Your screen will flash and it will take a snapshot of your screen and save it into the photos folder. This works from any screen iPhone or iPad, so you can do it from emails, or the internet as well. The reason this is handy is that if your driver does not speak english you can just show him the map photo which will pull up regardless off internet access since it’s a photo. We used that for several hotels and I even use here in Singapore since sometimes the  cabbies don’t know where a place is.


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  1. In Beijing, the air would be smoggy until it would rain, and then it would disappear for a couple of days. Where did it go? I assume into their gardens. Makes you nervous… Anyway, isn’t the spitting the most bizarre thing?! I worked with a tiny lady that could hock up the biggest loogie out of all of them. Now, that *really* makes you nervous!


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