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Also known as the motto of the Salvation Army.

We met a nice woman named Andy who invited us over for drinks. We commented that we liked her furniture and asked how she had some much so quickly (she just moved here about the same time we did) and she suggested we visit the local Salvation Army store to look for furniture. With all the ex-pats coming and going, they often had some good finds. She proved to be correct. Today we visited them and found a nice leather sofa with a return for a whopping $200 SGD. Not to shabby. And it’s being delivered as we speak, uh read if you will.

There was several appliances and some other things that I think we may go back for. Since we don’t plan to put down roots for a super long time (is that my Mom I hear cheering in the background?) we figured why spend a lot of money of fancy stuff that we won’t ship back home? So, we are saving a few pennies to put to plane tickets and yummy meals, a better use of resources if you ask me.

We are also now the proud owners of a new mattress from Ikea.

All of this is in prep for our upcoming move into our new digs, hopefully on September the 10….hopefully. We are for sure ready to move and unpack all these boxes. I think this month is taking forever!

Wait till you see the new place. The pool is a thing of beauty… will be the new BBQ grills, I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

p.s. When I say put down roots, we think maybe about 5 yrs or so here, then off to a new place in Asia, just to be clear. But who knows what the future holds for us.



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  1. Do you know how old that will make me by time you return????


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