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I’m the proud owner of a new camera. A digital SLR (Fancy!) that I got from Craigslist.  Thus far I have yet to master the bells, whistles and buttons, but we’ll see how it goes. I have high hopes for future travel adventures 🙂

In the mean time I’m practising on our Orchid plan and Mittenz. So far all I kinda figured out how to do it make that neat effect where one part in focus and the rest is blurry. Gotta start somewhere I guess…..


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  1. Okay guys, I’ve just read all of the posts I’d missed over the summer. Everything sounds great. I’m happy to know that Mittenz is doing well. (Brett took Lila to the vet today and for 16, she’s doing great.) Travel, design, tastings, ceremonies . . . and I was struck by the short mention of the Fish Spa in Cambodia. We’ll send you our itinerary in case you get the urge to travel (much closer this time) to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. We leave DC October 8.
    You haven’t said much about people. Are you making friends, finding a community . . .?


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