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Hiking and Monkeys

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We went on a nature hike this weekend. Paul was excited to
see something called the Canopy Walk. Apparently they built a very large
suspended bridge just above the canopy to study the forest. It seems with all
this dense growth a lot of the action (flowers, fruits, monkeys, birds) takes
place up where the sun is. Paul was excited about the walk, I was excited about
the monkeys!

The hike took place at McRitchie reservoir, just a short bus
ride away. Being Singapore, we started around 8:30 AM to avoid the heat. The
park was already packed. Tons of runners and families were out on the trail,
which in a way was good to see. I’m glad they are actually working to keep so
skinny, instead of it just coming naturally. It makes me feel better LOL! Not a
short distance into it we found our first monkeys. So cute. They were just
hanging out, near the people, waiting for food. Little devils. At one point one
of them was sitting at a trail head and as the runners came out, they would
part like the Red Sea to either side of the monkey. He did not seem fazed.
After that we did not see many animals. It was a nice hike thru the
woods/jungle. It took about 2 hrs to reach the canopy walk. It proved to be
quite a view, but alas, we did not see any fruits, birds, or more monkeys. I
guess they were all hanging out where the food and people were. The bridge was
pretty neat, it’s suspended, and as you walk it ‘bounces’ just a little. You
get great views of the forest from the bridge.

We completed the loop and made our way back to a different bus
stop. Not a few minutes after arrival our bus showed up and took us back home.
With such a great system in place to get us all over the island, I think we
will be just fine without a car.

p.s. As I was posting this a memory came back of my
Grandmother, Vera, who used to TORMENT us kids. One of her tricks was that
every time a monkey was on TV, she would yell Ryan, come quick, you’re on TV!!
Of course I would come running, every time, only to see the monkey on TV, and
honestly at first not really get the joke. I just thought, what was she talking
about? Then after a few times, I realized what she meant. None the less, I
continued to fall for this trick for quite some time. That says two things; 1)
I’m very trusting and 2) for some reason there must have been a lot of monkeys
on TV down in Baton Rouge, for some reason I feel like it was often on the
local news….how odd?


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