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Well our first trip to Thailand proved to be a great success. There was a 3 hr boat tour, walking thru the city, staying at the famed Mandarin Oriental, a 12 course small bites dinner for Paul’s birthday featuring modern Thai cuisine (is that Lychee foam I see?), an excellent shopping trip to a weekend market where we purchased a very cool orange lacquer Buddah, a visit to the Jim Thompson House, and last a visit to a small part of town to purchase a handmade metal monk’s “begging” bowl.

All of which means we have enough pictures and stories to fill several blog posts, because to try and cram all that fun into one post would be shameful. Plus its lots of fun remembering these things to type up, so I’m going to stretch it out. Bear with me.

Let’s start with the boring stuff first. I was there for work. The meeting went well. Getting there was a bit more of an adventure.

No red squiggles appeared, I assumed it was ok…..

Perhaps I should have taken it as an omen when I misspelled fragile 5 times on the two large boxes I was bringing with me. That’s right, I misspelled fragile 5 times, per box, by spelling it ‘fraigle’ Luckily, our Malay-Chinese office manager stopped by when I was done and pointed out my mistake… nice of her.

Upon arrival, I had schedule a mini van, because the boxes were too large to fit in a regular cab. But for what ever reason, I met the driver and then we both proceed to walk thru the airport, across the bridge, and to the open air parking lot (large boxed on a rolling cart) to get to his van. I never got a clear reason why he did not pick me up at the door…..

Along the way to the hotel, where my boss was waiting, my driver was kind enough to clip another truck while merging on the highway…no damage to me, but a scuff to the van. We had to pull over and wait about 1 hr for the cops to show up and sort things out. Welcome to Bangkok.

Luckily my bad luck ended there. The meeting went well, the client was pleased, my boss was pleased, and I was now free to enjoy the weekend, with Paul arriving Friday night I headed to the Mandarin Oriental to meet him. Let the fun begin.


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