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This would never fly back home

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Move along, these seats are taken

One of the odd things about the hawker centers is that they don’t provide napkins to you.

Anywhere. Honestly. The entire hawker center is devoid of napkins. Instead each person is responsible for bringing their own. Wierd right? But as with all things here, it’s the system, and it seems to work for them. So everyone buys these little packets of napkins and carries them with them.

This has led to another odd custom.

When you come into the center, you find a table you want and you “chope” it. It means to claim it. You put your packet of napkins down on the table, if there are three of you, you each put down a packet, then trot off to find your food. Then as people come thru they see the napkins and know the table is reserved. Can you imagine how that would go over in a food court in the USA?…..


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