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When you look this good, you should get an award

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My company had its Summer Picnic this weekend. I went solo because Mr.Paul was off exploring India with our dear friend Annette and her daughter Alma. But I’m not bitter.

Actually I’m not. One of the absolute joys about being flung half way around the world is that we are now much closer to the other half of th world. So, while work prevented me from getting away this time, knowing that India only about 6 hours away we’ll consider Paul’s very brief visit to the Continent a scouting mission.

So in the meantime we had our party. It was at a resort on an Island called Pulua Ubin. Funny thing about Singapore, it’s more like NYC than Bali. With all the shipping and the cramped space there is not a resort/beach culture vibe here. Everyone is too busy working for their BMW’s and Jimmy Choo’s to relax on the beach. To get to Pulua Ubin, you go out to near the airport, then take a 10 min boat ride. The resort was nice enough, but it’s all very…..artifical….in way. The have to create a lagoon, and bring in some rough shell sand in order to make a small beach, because the water around Singapore is full of fuel and god-knows-what from all the big ships passing thru. The resort had a series of cabins/hotel rooms and I saw inside one, it reminded me of  a place we went as kids for summer camp….but that’s OK.

The theme was Hawaiian luau. Our company started in Hawaii so that’s make sense. You would think people here would had all the Hawaiian/surfer shirts they could want, but no that was not the case. In fact, my shirt was the best shirt there. Proven by the face that I won for best Hawaiian Shirt….so there!

There was not much to do really for this party, and it’s pretty hot anyway so all you can do is find some shade, grab a beer, and catch up with your co-workers and their families, which proved to be quite nice. The highlight of the trip was the visit to “fish spa” have you tried this? We did it in Cambodia a few years ago, it’s pretty wild feeling. You put your feet in the water and all these fish SWARM to your feet where they proceed to eat the dead skin off you toes. It’s one of the strangest feelings out there. And even worse to watch. but when you are with a group and all doing it, it can be quite fun. At least it was in the shade.


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  1. Hey Ryan, Great pics. Thanks. Could you actually fel the fish eating you toes? Did it tickle?Anyway I like your shirt. It’s BAD!!! Bernardine

  2. Ryan, Great pics. Thanks. Could you actually fel the fish eating you toes? Did it tickle?Anyway I like your shirt. IHey t’s BAD!!! Bernardine


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