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Sunday Night Tradition….

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It’s been about three months and Ryan and I are still having a great time!  We’ll be really glad to get out of our temporary flat and into a place we can call home.  We’ve not upacked much and I’m ready to live in a place without boxes and especially looking forward to a real kitchen.  We used to cook dinner most Sunday nights back in DC, it was a great way to end a weekend and usually meant we’d have some decent leftovers for mid week quick dinners.  Well… here the abundance of amazing food has found us doing lots of takeaway…. but old habits die hard and this past Sunday we cooked up a storm.  Well actually we cooked up a red curry, vegetable and chicken soup; and not an ordinary chicken but a black chicken.  According to my co-workers, the black chicken is traditionally cooked into a medicinal soup, you go to the chinese medicine shop and they have spice packets prepared to put in your crockpot along with the chicken.  We, of course, didn’t follow the Chinese medicinal tradition 🙂  Our concoction started with a trip to the Chinatown market to get the chicken, veggies etc… an experience in and of itself.  Lots going on Sunday monrning at 9.  The produce is fresh and the chicken, well… thankfully had the feathers plucked off.  The head and feet were still intact, I made Ryan cut them off later.  We boiled the bird, used the stock to make the soup by adding a premade Malaysian red curry paste.  Note: we need to be more specific when asking the grocer for red curry paste, we realize we prefer Thai over Malaysian curry – it wasn’t bad but wasn’t what we expected.  So after the soup was cooked, we took the meat off the bone and tossed in the curry base added coconut milk, cilantro and presto – Yummy soup served over Thai red/brown rice.

In case you are wondering, it really just ‘tasted like chicken’.


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  1. Something for your resumes: know the difference between Thai red curry paste and Malaysian red curry paste.


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