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A headline I wish we saw back home

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One of the reasons that we ended up over here is that there was work to be had. Let’s face it, back home things are still a little slow. Not so much in Asia at the moment. This was the headline in the local newspaper recently.

It was specific to Singapore, but as far as I can tell China, India and lots of of countries in the area are still building quite a bit. Does this make us migrant workers? Leaving our home and traveling to where the work takes us?


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  1. Yes, you are migrant workers. I wonder if you will be treated better by your host nation, than we treat our visiting workers. Let’s hope so.

  2. Barbara Mullenex

    I was really looking forward to something like “How we celebrated the Fourth of July in Sinagpore” – sparkers, flags and a search for the best potato salad hawker stand in Asia?????
    Any corn on the cob over there? We had corn, watermelon/feta/arugla salad, pigs in the blanket, ribs, fried chicken, and coleslaw, watched the fireworks!


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