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Brave Hero endorse Essence of Chicken…..

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These billboards have been all over the city with the release of the new Green Lantern Movie.

We’ve seen numberous ads for Essence of Chicken, but have no idea what it is. A quick Google reveals the following :

So, as an alternative, Asian moms whip out their trusty stand-by: chicken soup. But not just any chicken soup—chicken soup made without any added liquid, the very essence of chicken itself. Just one rice bowl worth of pure chicken (slightly more than a cup) is extracted per bird.

If you’re wondering how it’s made, the short answer is that the chicken is steamed au naturel and the juices that result three hours later will make junior smarter. The more involved answer is that the chicken (organic and free-range because it’s leaner) is first skinned, with all visible fat trimmed away. Then it’s chunked and smacked with the side of a cleaver, piled on top of a small bowl that’s nestled within a bigger bowl, covered, and steamed. Junior does not eat the by-now-falling-away-at-the-bone meat—it’s saved to make “lesser” soup for the non-exam takers.

Of course, no one has time to do something quite so involved on a regular basis, so you can easily find bottled “essence of chicken” in supermarkets, with chicken as the only ingredient (no preservatives or other funky stuff). It’s also not just kids who take it when pulling all-nighters; adults drink it to combat work stress, especially if they’ve been suffering from “I woke up feeling like a truck ran over me” syndrome. Pregnant women knock it back for its nourishing and restorative properties. Some people savor it for its flavor, even using it in cooking. For the few who don’t like its concentrated chickeny-ness, it’s available in pill form, coupled with supplements like B-complex, calcium, and gingko.

The above was taken from : if you want to read the whole thing.

I don’t feel like the Asian really get irony, or if they do, they don’t see it in English translations, because having a superhero endorse the “Essence of Chicken” is kinda ironic to me, especially if you have seen the film and know that he is battling “fear”….

But, never fear some marketing exec. was clever enough to have the Green Lantern also endorse Green Tea, which totally made sense so it works out I guess.


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