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I miss Hummus

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It used to be I craved Asian food, or other Ethnic food. Now, I crave the ‘normal’ stuff. Last weekend I had a craving for olives, longed humus, would have murdered for a good salami….but I digress.

So off to Cafefour we went. A French chain they have only two stores in Singapore, and one of them was in an area we are curious about living in so it worked out well to go exploring a bit. The other bonous is that they are like super Wal-Marts grocerys, clothes, kitchen stuf all in one shop in the city.

They had a bakery, a deli, nice meats and nice seafood selections. Best of all, they had olives.And cured meats, and Hummus! (Praise Jesus, Hummus!) But no pita bread! what a tease.

Oh well. Still we made a good spread and my tummy was happy, and full of Hummus.


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  1. Sounds like the PERFECT place to live if hummus is nearby!!

  2. I guess I shouldn’t take for granted that we have the best hummous and pita bread on every corner here in Dearborn 🙂

  3. I almost bought some hummous here in Delhi, was even going to spend the $6 for about a half cup container, until I noticed that the expiration date was rubbed off.


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