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Dim Sum Dollies

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It’s as if Margaret Cho made love to a Drag Queen and gave birth to triplets.

We first met these colorful women when we came to Singapore. We thought they were just created for a kindness campaign being run by the metro systems. They had big life size posters all over encouraging people to “Que to the side” give up your seat to those in need (the elderly, pregnant, and injured) and to be nice in general. It was not until later we learned they were a force unto themselves. They do different types of shows around Singapore, we have not caught one yet, but when they next one comes around we’ll be sure to check it out.

In the mean time, here’s the video for the MRT campaign, encouraging everyone to be kind and nice on your commute…..


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  1. Barbara Mullenex

    Maybe i could be a dim sum dollie????

  2. Meridith Zimmerman

    Funny video! And very interesting how they mix the two languages.


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