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Pink Dot- HUGE Success

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Paul and I made it out to PinkDot, and it was THRILLING to see what a big success it was. We arrived just in time to see the DimSum Dollies do their version of Gaga’s “Born This Way” They play that a lot around here, but the CENSOR the words, which is  crazy. As if hearing the words Gay is going to send people running into the streets in a panic.

But anyway, the park was filled with people, young and old, straight and gay, all wearing pink to show support.

The BEST part as you can see in the photos above, is that the even has now grown so big they can’t form a dot anymore!! They FILL the park with supporters. It’s pretty awesome.

Also, as you will see in the photos above, it was the first time since we moved here that Paul and I could hold hands in public….it’s the little things you take for granted.

I even got to take my picture with and Aussie Drag Queen….

Here’s some video from the site as well, the woman speaking is one of the DimSum Dollies:


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  1. That’s a lotta PINK! Happy for you guys and happy about NY states decision this week. Hope the ball keeps rolling in the right direction. Love you two!!!

  2. Meridith Zimmerman

    What?? No hand holding and no pita bread for hummus? It’s a crime! Are you SURE you still want to live there? :o) LOL


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